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Mila Belle

Artist Statement

I create symbols that hark back to the origins of language, I seek ancestral connection through this practice. I have observed that the progress of modern man is also causing the destruction of the natural world, a conflict that begs for a major paradigm shift.  I look at the tension within human beings as both an instinctual animal, an intelligent/civilized species, a destructive and creative force, and a spiritual being. I feel compelled to acknowledge those areas of tension and find ways to reveal these experiences through my art.


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Mila Metal Wall and Braid.jpg

Awards and Honors

  • 2019, Patron Choice Award, Deland Fall Festival of the Arts, Downtown DeLand, FL


  • 2019,  Award of Merit, Deland Outdoor Art Festival,  Earl Brown Park, DeLand, FL

  • 2017, 3rd place in sculpture for Fish Bone Totem, 36th Annual Juried Student Exhibition, Crealdé School of Art, Winter Park, FL

  • 2017, 4th place Women in the Arts Award for Ubaste, Damiana, and Luna; Celebrating the Genius of  Women Competition, Orange County Public Library, Orlando, FL

  • 2001, Honorable Mention - Stetson Juried Student Art Show


Crealdé's EMERGE Exhibition: Virtual Opening Reception


A sweet local spotlight in the DeLand Beacon, a special edition for the Fall Festival of the Arts 2019

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